Vendor Information

Greetings Vendor,

Last  year was a great experience and we enjoyed meeting the participating vendors.  Thank you all for your help and suggestions. 

We are now allowing a limited number of vendors that have items for sale that are not related to wildlife or the fish community. These vendors must supply a picture of table or items for sale. Vendors that have wildlife or fish items for sale may also include 25% of their table for non-related items. The exception is food. 

Because of security issues, Friday afternoon will be for set up for vendors only from noon to 5pm.  Security will begin at 5:00 PM on Friday and will be there until end of show. This is the only time available for set up, so plan accordingly. Public will not be allowed in room. Showroom is locked overnight.

Saturday and Sunday mornings doors will open to vendors only, 30 minutes before show begins. No exceptions. Public will not be allowed in the room before show starts.  Last year there were several thefts, so tighter security is needed. Please have someone in your booth area at all times.

Raffle items (value of $50.00 or more) will be given some much needed publicity! When your raffle item is awarded, either Saturday or Sunday, it will be taken to the podium, described to the audience, informed who donated item, and that you have a booth downstairs in the vendor area.  We will come around Friday afternoon to pick up your raffle item.  Please supply a brief description and your business card.  As always, if you don't wish to donate a raffle item, a check for $50.00 is always acceptable.

As before, we will be giving you 2 lunch tickets for hospitality room for each day and after your application is accepted we will send you some "admit one free" cards for your clients.

If you are a first time vendor, your fee for first year only will be reduced by $25.00 per table. We are always looking for new vendors that fit the criteria, please forward their information to us. 

If you haven't been a vendor recently and would like to be removed from our vendor list for our festival, please let us know.

Looking forward to a successful show!


Laurel Zanker 
Commercial Vendors Committee Head