How to Pack Your Carving

  1. Start with a sturdy box that allows for at least three inches of space on all sides of your carving. Get a second box to be used as an outer carton, that is also at least three inches larger that the first box on all sides. Don’t use crummy boxes for your valuable carving.
  2. Wrap your carving in plastic food wrap to eliminate friction during the shipping process. Abrasive products used as a packing material will rub the paint off.
  3. Now wrap your carving in bubble wrap or foam wrap. Be careful to support any fragile areas with plenty of packing material. Place your carving in the first box and fill in all areas with more foam wrap or packing peanuts. Fill in every nook and cranny. Make sure your carving is protected on all sides and firmly centered in the box. With the lid closed, shake the box. If any movement is heard or felt, then repack the box. Securely tape the lid. Repeat steps 1, 2, 3 for each carving you are sending.
  4. Include instructions for packing and unpacking each box and each carving. Tape this in a convenient location to one of the inside boxes.
  5. Place two to three inches of packing material in the bottom of the second box (this is the one we are using as an outer carton). Place your first box (s) in the outer carton and stuff packing material on all sides, including the top. Fill in every nook and cranny. With the lid closed, shake the box. If any movement is heard or felt, then repack the box. Tape the outer box closed with a strong tape.
  6. Properly address the outer box and make sure that you insure this package for the appropriate amount … for the trip out to the competition and the return trip. Use the proper labels… “Fragile”… “This Side Up”…”Open This End”. Allow at least an extra two to three days to arrive as required by the competition. If your box arrives too late, all of your hard work goes unnoticed and unrewarded.
  7. Packing a carving can be fairly simple for service class decoys and much more complicated for decorative birds on a branch. If you are not confident in what you are doing, check the yellow pages for packing materials or a professional packing service. ,
  8. There is no guarantee when packing a carving. Even expertly packed carvings have been damaged during shipping.