Upcoming Seminars

Carve it/Paint It (Wildfowl carvings are a Canvasback Drake and a White-Breasted Nuthatch)
This seminar has sold out.
Date: April 2018
Location: Chico, California
Cost: $110.00
Registration: To register contact Jim Burcio via email address: Enable JavaScript to view protected content.

Spring Wings (Wildfowl Carving TBD)
Date: May 2018 
Location: Fallon Convention Center, 100 Campus Way, Fallon, Nevada
Cost: $25 - $35
Registration: Go to www.springwings.org to register and pay by Paypal

Sandhill Crane Festival  (Wildfowl Carving is a Mourning Dove)
Date: November 2018
Location: Hutchins Street Square, Lodi, CA
Cost: $25 - $35 
Registration: Seminar registration opens early September 2018.
Go to https://cranefestival.com/tours.php to register 

Central Valley Birding Symposium  (Wildfowl Carving is a Mourning Dove)
Date: November 2018 
Location: 2323 Grand Canal Blvd, Stockton, CA
Cost: $25 - $35
Registration: Seminar registration opens starting in August 2018.
Go to http://www.cvbsreg.org/ to register

Snow Goose Festival (Wildfowl carving to be determined)
Date: January 2019
Location: Chico, California
Cost: To be determined
Registration: Seminar registration opens starting December 2018.
Go to http://www.snowgoosefestival.org/  to register